Welcome to our Leagues page!  This page will feature all you need to know about our Leagues activity.  Here you will be able to access League Schedules, Rules, Score sheets, and Team Rankings for the current session.  Rankings will be updated weekly.


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Team sign up sheets are available here, or pick one up at Buddy’s  Hideaway.  You can also email your team information to Joseph at Joseph_ppn@yahoo.com.  Please include the following information:   Team Name, Preferred Night, Home Location and Team Captain Name and Phone number.
Please drop all Sign-up Sheets at Buddy’s Hideaway.  Also, if you are interested in playing on a night or format other than the current divisions listed, please give Joseph  a call at (757) 696.0703.   New divisions, on different nights, can be started with as little as six teams (other teams may be interested also!).


League Schedules for Fall Session 2019
Click on the Division to link to the schedule.
Sunday 8-Ball
Tuesday 8/9 Ball
Thursday 9-Ball

Scores Spring 2018

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Down Load Team Sign Up Sheets here.
Click here for a copy of our Rules.
Click here for current Skill Levels

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